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Day 10: Fox & Goose (and a brief digression)

Tonight we attended the UW-Madison Founder's Day gathering at the Fox & Goose Pub, which is just about 1 block from our townhouse, right at the gateway to the Historic R Street Corridor.

Since we moved here in 2004, we've seen lots of positive changes to the stretch of R Street between 10th and 19th Streets, including some infrastructure investment (improved street surfaces, lighting, and bike racks) thanks to City and Federal funding, development of a new cluster of destination restaurants and venues between 14th & 15th Streets, and the opening of the Safeway grocery store and other associated small retail within the R Street Market on 19th Street.

Initially, we didn't hit up the Fox & Goose as a local eatery to frequent, primarily because the curb appeal wasn't particularly inviting, despite the historic brick building:

At some point, however, we ventured over and have enjoyed many meals since then, especially for post-race and monthly brunches.  And some of the recent improvements to the R Street area have included a new neon sign for the Fox & Goose along with a wonderful and whimsical fox and goose statue that has quickly become an iconic landmark:

I was planning to write an entire post just about the Fox & Goose, but I have to digress to include a description of one of the strangest conversations I've ever had, which occurred at the end of tonight's Founder's Day gathering.  Here's a brief transcript:

Older woman approaches me at the door:  "I have to ask you... when did you finish your treatments?"

Me (huh?): "What treatments?"

Older woman (several second pause): "Well... I assumed... that you're a breast cancer survivor... because of your haircut.  It's often a telltale sign."

Me (wha???): "Oh... no, I'm not."

Older woman: "Well I noticed your ribbon, and at one point in time you looked tired, so I figured you were in recovery."

Me: "It's for AIDS awareness... The red ribbon is for AIDS awareness; the pink ribbon is for breast cancer.  This [gesturing to haircut] is a choice."

Older woman: "Oh, well you'd be in good company."

And.... scene.

I mean, really???  Excuse me???  In my attempt to exit the conversation gracefully, I think I may have actually said something like, "Well, thank you for asking."

How incredibly bizarre.  Doesn't that seem like a rather extreme assumption?  Not to mention rather presumptive to even ask?  And not even an apology for the error!!!


Anonymous APM said...

Man, with my bald head, they'd have a field day with me. :)

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