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Day 71: Orphan Breakfast House

We went to brunch today with L and Mr. R M, her almost 2-month old son, whom we had "met" 2 weeks ago during his nap time. Today, we got a bit more interaction with an awake R, who is a super-sweet and adorable little boy who apparently looks very much like L's partner, M, when he was a baby.

Our chosen brunch spot was Orphan Breakfast House in East Sac, near McKinley Park:

I can't remember how or when we first discovered this venue, but we've been fans ever since our first visit. The food is super fresh and tasty, the coffee is brewed to order with a pour-over bar (which has become much more common now but was still unusual when we first started to frequent Orphan), and the staff is friendly and efficient.

We also enjoy the option of the "community table" that can accommodate larger groups and often helps to shorten the [sometimes long-ish] wait time if you're willing to share a table with other folks:

Today, we opted for an individual table inside (not on the patio, where the hostess initially tried to seat us), given the high temps (triple digits by the afternoon!) and to better accommodate L and R. Mr. E ordered the fruit pancakes with a side of eggs and sausage, I had the Seasonal Fruit Bowl with a side of poached eggs and house-made rosemary bread, and L enjoyed a lactose-free version of the Platas Verdes. She managed to eat one-handed the entire time, since she was nursing R for part of the time under a lovely coverall.  I was impressed by her dexterity!

My other favorite dishes from the breakfast menu at Orphan are the Five-Dollar Oatmeal, which is made to order and includes brown sugar and fresh fruit garnishes and is totally worth $5 (or more!), the Breakfast Burritos in a spinach wrap with no scallions, and the Avocado Scramble with no scallions.

I've also been to Orphan a few times for lunch when I was still working at PPMM, since it was relatively close. My favorite lunch offerings are the Nuevo Latino Roll-Ups and the Chicken Soft Tacos without jalapenos.

Now if only the owners would open a location closer to Midtown or Downtown!


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