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Day 260: Food at the J Vineyards Bubble Room

Mr. E often likes to capture images of impressive food or meals and share them with some of his friends.  Below are photos of the food we enjoyed yesterday at the J Vineyards Bubble Room.  We've both noticed over the past year or so that the portion sizes have increased, and one of the winery staff members mentioned recently that the new-ish chef is a "larger" person than the previous chef, which could certainly be the reason for the increased amount of food provided to guests!

On the left is the first part of the first course: Coastal Hill Duck Egg, Celery Root, Truffle.  On the right is the second component of the first course: Goat Milk Yogurt, Quinoa, Wheat Grass.  Each course is paired with a different wine, and in our case (as explained in my previous post), we enjoyed one of J's fabulous Pinot Noirs with each plate.

This is the second course: Petrale Sole, Dungeness Crab, Kohlrabi, Citrus.  My version was a bit different to accommodate my lactose issues, so I didn't have any of the cream sauce.

The third course listed on the menu is Niman Ranch Pork, Quince, Cabbage, Wheat Berries, which is the dish Mr. E enjoyed.  However, since I don't eat pig or cow, I received a different dish that featured salmon instead of pork and included a sauce without beef stock:

The other guests at are table were also non-pig-eaters, so they received the lovely salmon dish as well.

We finished with the Cheese Course, Moses Sleeper, Duck Prosciutto, Persimmon, and Dessert Course, Chocolate Crémeux, Coconut, Pecan Brittle.  I didn't take a photo of my variations on these courses, but I had a lovely mixed salad with extra persimmons and no cheese for the former course and extra coconut morsels, candied almonds, and pure cocoa dots instead of the rich and creamy chocolate mousse for the dessert course.

In addition to all of these items, we also started off the experience with an amuse-bouche and finished with a final sweet plate.  Since we're members of the wine club at J, we pay $60 each for this wine and food pairing, which is a pretty amazing value given that we have very attentive table service, a 2+ hour experience, 6 courses of food (including 2 substantial portions of protein in the middle), 2 "extra" food bits as bookends, and a variety of wines to accompany each food course. Yum!


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