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Cats & Sox

Two baseball outings coming up - woo-hoo!

#1 - Sac River Cats vs. Portland Beavers @ Raley Field
I organized a group outing for PPMM to attend this game, so we'll be sitting on Home Run Hill to watch the action. I'm hoping the Cats are up to par, as they haven't been having such a good season so far this year. :-(

#2 - Chicago White Sox vs. Kansas City Royals @ New Comiskey (or whatever it's called these days)
Mr. E & I are heading to the Windy City for a long weekend to see his folks, congratulate his Mom for a recent promotion, attend her students' end-of-the-year fashion show, spend some time with friends, and celebrate Mother's Day a bit early. How convenient that there just happens to be a day game on Sunday, hmm?

Now if only the Red Sox could pull it together a bit...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LNJ comments-

Wknd in the Windy City = Nice.
New Commy Park = Yuck.
BoSox + Dougie Mirabelli = Wake is back.

The guys will figure it out. No worries. Brews need to turn it around. Good young club and it would be great to see them start burning it up and make a deep run.

All is well here... ok, that's a lie. Busy and stupid things with work right now. More rants later. Hope that you and E are happy and healthy. I am healthy, just discontented, but that will pass. Smiles and hugs.

10:32 PM  

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