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Wow - I can't believe it's already been a year since the last Cowtown when I gussied up my running clothes with multiple mini stuffed cows (see archives for October 2006 for post and photo). I remember that race pretty well, though, since I was quite unhappy with my time.

This year, Cowtown is simply part of a longer 16-mile training run, since I'm training for the CIM, so it won't be such a big deal if my time isn't fabulous. I'm hoping for a decent 1/2 marathon time, but certainly not expecting anything like my PR at the Davis Stampede back in February.

In the meantime, the more important news is BASEBALL, of course:

  • Red Sox WIN Game 1 vs. the Angels, 4-0. Beckett pitched a beautiful complete-game shut-out. Youk and Big Papi came through with homers. Jacoby pulled off a great catch in left. Gotta love it!
  • Yankees LOSE Game 1 vs. Cleveland in a smackdown 12-3 style. Woo-hoo!
What more could a member of Red Sox Nation wish for in early October??!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

LNJ reflects-

What more could a Red Sox Nation member wish for.... Lets just think about this.

*Clemons are exploding as rabid squirrels eat his left eye.
*Juda$ Daemon going Juda$ Daemon, going completely airhead and just going home early because the A's and Royals missed the Playoffs.
*The Yanks missing the playoffs.
*A cute blonde, a good pint of Sam Addams, and a big ol' flat screen HD TV to watch the games on.
*25% ownership.
*The Yankees and all that is evil with them going on a "Three hour tour". Sound familiar there Gilligan?

That's about all I can think of now, but I'm sure there's more to come. Hugs to you and E.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LNJ can't help but-

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How's that taste New York? Cleveland's 'boutta feel it too. BoSox 07 baby!

11:03 AM  

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