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Problems with Peanut Butter!

So I already suffer from peanut butter discrimination here in Sacramento, since I'm unable to purchase my preferred brand of Peter Pan Reduced Fat Creamy Peanut Butter anywhere within a 100-mile radius. I find this especially odd since this item is made by ConAgra foods, which is based out of Irvine, CA. However, due to recent news stories, I've learned that production and distribution occur out of a plant in Georgia, so perhaps that's why I have to stock up on my trips back to the Midwest and East Coast.

But now it's even worse! Those recent news stories are all about the recall of my daily spread! I learned about this yesterday from and Being the proactive consumer that I am, I immediately checked the lids of my small stock of pb and found to my dismay that ALL of them belong to the batch that may be tainted. DRAT!

Obviously, of course, the two open jars are fine, since both Mr. E and I have been enjoying their contents for awhile and haven't gotten sick. But who knows about the other jars? RATS!

Luckily, we'll be heading back to the Midwest at the end of May, which isn't too long to wait to purchase more stock, and I imagine that the potential salmonella threat will be well taken care of by then. But what will I do in the meantime when my current open [safe] jars are depleted? How will I top my bagel? How will I fill my celery? How will I enhance my rice cakes?

And on a side note, why hasn't the Sac Bee picked up on this story yet?


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