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"Manny" Happy Returns

The last line of Gordon Edes article says it all: "Let Manny be Manny somewhere else."

Finally. I've been a non-Manny fan for many years. I don't care about the numbers - the stats don't tell the whole story. It's about the attitude, the commitment, the professional courtesy. About not celebrating on your way to 1st base so that what should have been a double is only a single because you're too busy pumping your arm instead of running. About running all the way to 1st even on a routine grounder because there's at least a slim chance you might leg it out. About considering the TEAM above the INDIVIDUAL.

Yeah, Manny, that's what it's about. I don't care if you're a fun guy, a goofball in the clubhouse, a kick to be around. What I - and legions of other Red Sox fans - really care about is how your performance affects the team. It's great that you're a slugger, that you put up high numbers and get those RBIs, but that's only great if you actually play on a regular basis. And think about how much higher those numbers could be if you really played all out, every day.

Time to go, Manny.

And Red Sox management - time to get a backbone, cut your losses, and give in to Manny one more time by acquiescing to his request for a trade.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LNJ interjects-

Manny may be Manny, but the story that doesn't really get told is that Manny is the first guy in and spends HOURS in the cage. You know that I am not a huge Man-Ram honk, but I must say, in the last three years, the more I watch Manny dog, the harder it hits, becuase I know and have heard about how hard he works behind closed doors. Pete Gammons loves the guy and that speaks volumes.

Other than that, I've heard, time and again, what a behind the scenes leader he is. He may be on his way out, but I think that down the road, we will see more of what Manny was really worth.

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