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What's Wrong with This Picture?

As I left SCC today after Spanish class:

  • Male student walking to class
  • Navy blue sweatshirt with BOSTON imprinted in white & red
  • Dingy baseball cap with NY on the front

Really, now, that's just not right...

Especially since the Tigers didn't manage to stomp the pinstripes last night. *sigh* At least the As were victorious. And let's hope the Dodgers go all the way, too - I'd love to see Nomar and Lowe (among others) in the Series again!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LNJ simmers-

Yes, those Boston, NY guys piss me off. They are either SO unaware, or they think they're clever. Get over it, guy, or get your eyes open to it.... something!

Yes, the Tiggers (I did just go Winnie the Poo on D-Town) missed on the Yanks last night, but that was NY /best/ pitcher right now, so I'm not all that worried.

The A's up two on the Twinkies. I had the Twinkies in the WS, so that's a shock, but not one I have a problem with. Now, let's hope that Oak-town doesn't go Oak and get up 2 - love just to blow it.

OK, kisses to you and Easy E. :) Hope all is well. We'll talk soon.

2:52 PM  

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