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Location: Sacramento, California, United States


Day 15: Sacto River Cats 8, Salt Lake City Bees 2

The Cats won the first game of the day/night doubleheader today - yay!  The game felt rather slow-paced, but we did have some great offense by the Cats, especially from third-baseman Alden Carrithers.  I think he may be one to watch for moving up to the Big Show.

Raley Field is a wonderful ballpark in many ways, and we've now learned the best places to sit at any given time during the season.  For a day game, the upper rows of the sections by First Base remain shaded, which can be important during the summer (that's where we're seated in the photo).  For a night game, the upper rows of the sections by Third Base tend to be the most shaded as the sun continues to sink, and the view of the Tower Bridge and Sacramento skyline is fabulous (see photo from yesterday's post).

What we didn't realize before heading to the game was that our ticket actually gave us access to BOTH games!  We decided that might be a bit too much baseball, especially since we knew we'd want to catch the last of the 4-game series of the Red Sox vs. Yankees on ESPN tonight, so we left after the first victory.

Another unexpected realization was that the games were only scheduled to last 7 innings.  Odd.  And apparently, this was the first time that the Cats had played a doubleheader, according to one of the ushers.

As with all ballparks, Raley Field has different types of "entertainment" or fan interaction in between innings.  Our favorite is the dancing grounds crew:

Not quite as iconic as the famous sausage races at Miller Park, perhaps, but we like 'em!!!


Anonymous APM said...

Granted, I live in SD and have a ballpark near me... But MLB games tend to be pricey. I must admit, I've always been a little jealous that you are a short bus ride from the stadium....

Also, having been there a few times with yourself and Mr E, I can concur that it is a great ballpark.

7:13 AM  

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