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Location: Sacramento, California, United States


Day 21: Earth Day at Southside Park

Mr. E and I headed to Southside Park after brunch this morning to check out the Earth Day festival.  We appreciated the free bike valet service and were immediately drawn to the display of electric vehicles, which included a couple of Teslas, a Leaf, a Volt, and... an electric Smart Car!

I've been a huge fan of Smart Cars since I first saw them in Italy when I spent two weeks visiting J and S in Velletri (near Rome) back in February 2000.  I kept waiting and waiting for the Smart Cars to be imported to the US but had to be satisfied for many years with the toy model I bought as a souvenir.  The original company that was supposed to bring them stateside was ZAP, and Mr. E and I bought some ZAP stock that eventually plummeted when its Smart Car deal fell through.  Drat.

Anyway, our next car after Odo (our 2004 Honda Civic Hyrbrid) will likely be an electric car, so it's been interesting to see the evolution of the technology, the increase in available models, and the gradual decrease in cost.  Although the Teslas are still upwards of $100,000 (yikes!), the electric Smart Car comes in as low as $13,000.  And by the time we're in need of a new car, we should have even more options and price points.

How adorable is this?!  And just think - we could probably fit two of 'em in the garage!!!


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