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Day 87: Sudden Demise of Cafe Roma

Another casualty of the Sacramento restaurant scene...  Cafe Roma, located on L Street across from the Capitol, has closed suddenly.  So suddenly, in fact, that the web site and Facebook page are still active, none of the usual blogs or Sacto foodie sites has any updated info, and trying to call the phone number produces a message that "your call cannot be completed as dialed."

I passed by Cafe Roma less than two weeks ago and didn't see any sort of advanced notice of the closing or any other indicators that the business was in trouble.  Today, however, a sign on the door announced "Sorry, Closed for Bussiness" (yes, that was the spelling), and it looks as though the interior has been almost entirely stripped of its fixtures.

Mr. E and I were rather fond of this little family-run venue and had been pleased to see it succeed and even expand into a larger space over the past few years.  I took Mom here for lunch during a holiday visit, and Mr. E and I occasionally met up for lunch during the work week, since the location is midway between the CPCA office and Mr. E's home office on Q Street.  I enjoyed the homemade soup and turkey panini, and Mr. E was relatively fond of the meatball sandwich.

I was also a fan of the frozen treats, as Cafe Roma always stocked 2-3 flavors of sorbetto in addition to a range of gelato options:

The closing of Michelangelo's was far more impactful and regretful, given the many positive associations we had with that special restaurant, but we'll still miss Cafe Roma's presence in the downtown Sacto dining scene.


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