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Day 267: Chanukah Mishap

Mr. E and I attended a Chanukah gathering last night chez B & B. Technically, the festivities were hosted by their dachshund, Lupe, as "Lupe's Latke Party," but I'm pretty sure that her humans prepared all of the yummy food -- potato latkes, sweet potato latkes (with no onions!), homemade applesauce and cranberry sauce, two types of brisket (Mr. E liked that), roast turkey with carrots (I liked that), and gefilte fish (meh... I still have to pass on that).

B had set out a variety of menorah, and some of the kids helped to light the candles. About 15 minutes later, I smelled something burning that seemed like more than just typical candle smoke. When I looked over at the row of menorah, I noticed that a candle in one of them appeared to be missing, so I walked over to take a closer look and realized that it had fallen out of its holder and was burning through the cloth covering the top of the wooden hutch. Uh-oh!

I blew out the initial flames as well as the rest of the candles in that menorah in order to reach the burning fabric, but a larger flame started licking along the edge of material. By that time, B and another guest, D, had come over as others started to realized what was going on. B headed to the kitchen to get some water, but D was faster and poured some water from her glass onto the live flame, which effectively put out the mini fire. Good teamwork!

I think we should all have read something like this prior to lighting all of those candles...


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