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Day 360: Pilobolus Dance

On Sunday afternoon, I saw a performance by Pilobolus Dance at the Folsom Lake College Harris Center for the Arts. I've known about this troupe for quite awhile, although I'm not sure how or why (maybe the New England roots and links?), and I was really excited to see the show, which was AMAZING!!!

The troupe is known for the athletic and acrobatic and "bendy" skills of the dancers, and they certainly did not disappoint! Two of the pieces performed were Automaton and Skyscrapers.

According to the troupe's web site, Automaton is "A new collaboration with the internationally renowned choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. The result is a cyborg of a dance that questions the difference between human and machine. Somewhere between Tron and Bladerunner, AUTOMATON takes place in a mirrored world that allows us to view multiple angles at the same time. Deep emotions punctuate the intoxicating rhythms of the machine as we experience a journey through a time that seems yet to com."

Skyscrapers is quite different in tone and style: "Set against the gritty, saturated colors of LA's Eastside streets, Skyscrapers explores the melancholy, understated elegance of the tango, quintessential street dance, drenched in overtones of love, romance, and loss. Pilobolus once again joins Trish Sie (co-creator of last year's Grammy-nominated Pilobolus/OK Go video and live dance, 'All Is Not Lost') to imagine Sie's brilliant new video for OK Go's Skyscrapers as a work for the live stage. This quick-change series of duet follows a never-ending, always-changing journey in search of connection."



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