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SF Marathon

Even though my time for SF in July (4:18) was longer than for Napa in March (4:07), I'd say it was a better marathon experience overall, since I actually achieved all of my goals for the race:
  • Manage the hills
  • Run the entire course (no walking at all - only the 2nd time I've done this in 6 marathons)
  • Enjoy the scenic tour of the city
  • Avoid injury & feel good afterwards
  • Finish in about 4:30
So why aren't I totally enthusiastic about this when people ask how it went?

It all comes down to that phrase at the beginning of this entry - "even though." Because despite the fact that I didn't have a time goal and that I approached this marathon and my training with a mindset of just-enjoy-the-ride, I still couldn't help feeling a slight pang of disappointment with the time. This is especially silly considering that I estimated my finish time at 4:30 when I registered (to get into the appropriate wave start), and I'd ordinarily be thrilled to finish a race 12 minutes faster than expected. I even got a really good photo out of it (see above), which is rare, as my race pictures usually show me in a really odd pose or make me look like I'm not even moving.

Sometimes I get really frustrated with my perfectionist exacting mind that often is more detrimental than helpful to my personal growth, development, and contentment. But I guess the only thing I can do is keep trying to work on celebrating my achievements without always having that little voice in my head wondering "Was that really enough?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Running fish.... it is good to realize your perfectionist side, but try not to have conversations with it. You'll never beat it.

You are glorious as always, regardless of how long it takes to go 26.2 miles.

Je T'aime!


2:33 PM  

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