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Bagel Bliss

Such a nice thing happened to me yesterday...

I stopped by Noah's Bagels on my way home from work to pick up a few of their yummy seasonal pumpkin bagels. The store was practically empty, and I happily spotted the pumpkin bagels in the display case. I ordered three to take home and chatted with the staff a bit, asking how long the pumpkin bagels would be available so that I could plan accordingly (figured I'd return and get more before the end of the season, since bagels freeze well).

When I got home and pulled the bag out of my backpack, it seemed a bit heavier and fuller than I expected, and I discovered not three but FIVE pumpkin bagels nestling in the paper! I checked my receipt to see how many had been charged and paid for, and the receipt confirmed my original order of three, so I was a bit confused. I called the store and explained that I ordered and paid for three but received five and wasn't quite sure what to do.

The response? "You were so excited about the pumpkin bagels that I just had to give you a couple extra."

!!!!!!! :) !!!!!!!

How cool was that?! Totally made my day...


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lol :D

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