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2011 Year In Review - Q1

Every year when I replace my datebook, I go through the previous datebook insert to transfer birthdays and other special occasions, and I always enjoy this process of reviewing an entire year's worth of activities. I decided that this year, I'd document some of this by composing a Year in Review for my blog, so here's the first installment of Q1 (January 1-March 31).

I don't have anything in the old datebook until January 17th, which reminds me that I ordered the new insert late, as I thought I still had an automated 3-year renewal in effect. Oops!

Mr. E and I celebrated our wedding anniversary #8 on the 11th. Go team JEMS! Je t'aime, my one!

On the 20th, I survived my second summons for Jury Duty since we've been in Sac, and I didn't even get called in for a possible panel, so I got to just read all day and meet Mr. E for lunch at Cafe Roma. This was followed by the first of several monthly Happy Hour outings with Steph, beginning with Revolution Wines on 29th & S.

Mr. E headed off for a work trip to Denver on the 31st, and I joined him the following weekend.

Our winter trip to Denver was filled with snow and cold, which felt very appropriate for the season, but I really wished I had packed my snow boots! Mr. E found a great deal on a hotel that has a heated outdoor pool on the roof deck, so I got to swim in the snow. :) We discovered the nearby Avenue Grill as we wandered around, and we so enjoyed the dinner offerings that we returned the next day for brunch as well.

On the 10th, we began our Sacramento Ballet season with "Romeo & Juliet," which was absolutely wonderful, with excellent dancing and emotional performances by some of our favorite dancers (e.g. Stefan).

Mr. E had a second work trip, this time to Houston, so he was gone for the week of the 14th, butI declined to join him for a weekend in Texas. :)

On the 19th, I helped out with the final in-person National Practice Test event for the Sac Kaplan Center, and also TAd an online Math Refresher course, along with a couple of other marketing events.

After much planning, we finally organized and hung our Gallery Wall in the stairwell. This wall extends from the landing between the two short flights of stairs all the way up to the base of the high clerestory windows, which are basically at the level of a 3rd floor, if our townhouse extended that high. Since we completed two major home projects in 2010 (the first floor in January/March and the balcony enclosure in November/December), we had decided to be more selective when putting up all of our artwork again, so rather than having lots of items distributed throughout the house, we conceived of the idea of this Gallery Wall as a way to display numerous items all in one large focal area. I laid out the pieces on the floor to estimate how/where to hang each piece, and then Mr. E did the ladder work as I supervised and adjusted the positioning as necessary. We've both been very pleased with the final result, and I was even able to rearrange a few items to find a place for the new elephant print I purchased in Austin later in the year.

On the 6th, we headed down to the Hilton by SFO in anticipation of my early flight the next morning for my Road Scholar trip to Panama with Mom from March 7th-12th (see separate blog entry that encapsulates the experience). I got back in time for the Shamrock'n 1/2 marathon on the 13th, and considering how little I'd been running, I was quite pleased to finish in just over 2 hours.

For my birthday weekend over the 19th, we headed off to Santa Rosa and a visit to the J Vineyards Bubble Room. Yum!

On the 24th, Steph and I decided on Burgers & Brew on R Street for our monthly Happy Hour, and then Mr. E and I continued our Sac Ballet season with "Icons & Innovators" on the 25th.

In anticipation of baseball season, we upgraded our subscription to so that we could stream all of the games through the Roku rather than just having the Audio Gameday access, but the opening of the season in April didn't look too good for my Red Sox. *sigh*


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