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Day 22: Molten Lava Cake

One of Mr. E's favorite desserts is a molten lava cake (chocolate cake with a warm liquid chocolate filling).  Most often, he's enjoyed this dessert at The Press, one of our favorite restaurants in Midtown.  I had found a recipe for a variation of the cake that includes a small amount of red wine plus some cinnamon and ginger hadn't yet had an occasion to try making it. 

After we did some errands yesterday, we stopped by Chili's for drinks and pretzels (unsuccessful on the latter, but that's a subject for another post) and noticed a molten lava cake option on the dessert menu.  Mr. E was tempted to bring it home, but I pointed out that the only take-out containers were Styrofoam, which is verboten in our home. :)  Instead, I mentioned that I'd unearth the recipe and give it a try this evening.


And surprisingly, not that difficult to make.  Just baking chocolate, margarine, confectioners sugar, eggs, egg yolk, a bit of vanilla and flour, some cinnamon and ginger, and presto - a fabulous chocolatey gooey yummy masterpiece.

Even better with the [lactose-free] vanilla ice cream on top!  The image below is a very good likeness of our dessert, though I didn't think to add a strawberry to the plate.  Next time...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. E greatly appreciates baked chocolate initiatives!!! So friggin' awesome!!! Thank you!

11:34 AM  

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