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Day 58: South Lake Tahoe

After nearly 10 years of living in Sacramento, we finally made it up to Lake Tahoe this weekend!

Our dear friends, K and M, who used to live in West Sacramento but moved to Phoenix about 5 years ago, are spending the week with their kids, J and A, at the home of K's Aunt D and Uncle A in South Lake Tahoe.  D & A live off of Pioneer Trail, which is just to the southeast of the South Lake Tahoe Airport at the bottom right of the map below:

We drove up yesterday morning and arrived in time for lunch.  D & A looked after the kids while K & M and Mr. E & I went to eat at the Beacon Restaurant in Camp Richardson, which is right on the shore of the Lake near the label "Beaches" in the map above.

After lunch, we drove to Emerald Bay and paused for a few moments at the overlook point, which has amazing views, including Fannette Island in the middle of the Bay:

We then headed slightly farther up the road to access the trail to Emerald Bay, a rather steep hike of just over 1 mile that leads right down to the beach and provides access to the Vikingsholm Castle:

We decided not to tour the Castle in favor of attacking the return hike uphill and heading back to the house to meet up with the rest of the family, with a short stop at Raley's on the way to pick up a few extra things for dinner.

D and A provided a wonderful meal, accompanied by the J Vineyards wine we had brought, including a vertical tasting of the Pinotage (2008, 2010, 2011 - we didn't care for the 2009, so we didn't restock after finishing what we got in our shipment that year).

This morning, I got up and went for a 30-minute run along Skyline and Crystal Air before we had breakfast with the family and hit the road by 10:15am for the return trip in the hopes of avoiding too much traffic.  Our timing was perfect, and we were back in Sacto within 2 hours, including a quick Starbucks stop in Placerville.

Although our visit was far too short, we had a wonderful time catching up with K and M and getting introduced to the beauty of Lake Tahoe.  Now if only the road to access the Lake weren't quite so circuitous and steep, we might be inclined to return more often!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

2012 Pinotage handed off to M and K. :)

Hope they enjoy it!

2:33 PM  

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