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Location: Sacramento, California, United States


Day 49: Whole Foods Field Trip

We went to see Sacramento Ballet's Modern Masters this afternoon out at Folsom Lake College and incorporated a post-show field trip to the Whole Foods that lies between the College and the I-50 freeway:

Since we don't have a Whole Foods location near us in downtown Sac, our rare visits to the store are definitely a special occasion to pick up certain treats.  Both of us are fond of the fabulous fresh food and salad bar:

I also recently discovered two other specialty treats that are worth stocking up on when we're able to stop by the store:  Rubicon Bakery's 4-pack of mini triple lemon cupcakes filled with lemon curd (so very tasty, and they hold up quite well to being frozen and thawed) and Whole Foods "365 Everyday Value" store brand of tater puffs.

Discovering these tater puffs during our last visit was wonderful, as I'd been on the search for plain tater tots (i.e. no onions) for months and months since Safeway stopped carrying its Open Nature brand of tater tots.  Mr. E and I enjoy our weekend brunches at home, and I'm especially fond of tater tots as a special treat after my long Saturday-morning swim.

However, all of the other brands of tater tots available at Safeway include onions or at least onion powder in the ingredients, which just doesn't work for me.  The only other somewhat-acceptable alternative that I'd found was the Target star-shaped tater treats, but they just weren't as tasty, and they also had lots of other preservatives and hard-to-pronounce ingredients.  We did try an organic version of taters from Safeway that were onion-free, but oddly enough, they contained apple juice (as a binder? sweetener? no idea...), and the apple flavor came through just strongly enough to make them unpleasing, even with some organic ketchup applied.

When I read the ingredient list of the Whole Foods tater puffs and noted the lack of onions, I figured they were worth a try.  And apparently, the chain at some point heeded the common complaint about high prices and introduced this "365 Everyday Value" line of items, which are much more affordable.  As an example, the bag of tater puffs is only $2.99, which is totally worth it, especially since they're super-tasty and crunchy and totally onion-free.  Yippee!!!


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