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Location: Sacramento, California, United States


Day 45: Rotating Local Coffee Purveyors

Over the past few years, Sacramento has become home to a number of local coffee roasters and purveyors that have gradually spread throughout the City, beyond the nexus of Midtown and Downtown, to provide some specialized competition to the multiple Starbucks and handful of Peet's that also dot the landscape.

One particular venue on 10th Street between J & K, which originally was a bookstore, has recently become a veritable musical chairs of local coffee purveyors, from (1) Temple to (2) Broadacre to (3) Insight:


(1) Temple eventually relocated from this site to a storefront 1 block away on 9th Street between J and K.

(2) Broadacre then took over the space but closed in Feburary 2014, according to several online posts and updates.

(3) Now Insight has moved into the locale.

It's great that Sacto has become a true coffee mecca, but frankly, Mr. E and I still prefer Starbucks for taste, service, and consistency.  We used to be occasional weekend visitors to Chocolate Fish Coffee on 3rd & Q, especially after our journey to Australia and New Zealand that allowed us to fully appreciate a "long black," but our taste buds simply prefer a darker, bolder roast, and most of the local coffee joints focus on medium or light roasts, which impart a somewhat sour flavor to the beverage.

We've also had a few unfortunate customer services experiences at the local sites, including Naked Lounge on 15th & Q and Weatherstone on 21st between H & I, and those types of negative interactions have tended to dampen our enthusiasm, despite our general tendency to "buy local" and support independent, non-chain businesses.

And besides, we do happen to be Starbucks stockholders, so we have a rather vested interest in continuing to frequent the mega-chain...


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