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Day 46: Ceiling Fans

Mr. E and I are always rather surprised when we watch home improvement or renovation shows and see designers remove ceiling fans from rooms.  During the hot Sacto summers, we rely on the large Casablanca ceiling fan that we inherited when we bought our townhouse and that was a huge (literally and figuratively) upgrade compared to the original small fan that was installed during construction of the Saratoga Townhomes back in the early 1980s.  We've seen those original fans in several other units, which made us realize how fortunate we are to have a much better and more effective model to keep our home comfortable and help to minimize our a/c utilization.

So when we decided to embark on the remodeling project upstairs to enclose the balcony off our master bedroom over the garage, we also seized the opportunity to have a ceiling fan installed to replace the standing floor fan we'd been using.  Since we had been so pleased with the Casablanca fan that extends from the "3rd story" ceiling, we opted to purchase a similar smaller model for the bedroom.  The aesthetic fits our taste, and the low-profile suits the lower ceiling height:

And with a little online sleuthing, I managed to find the fan at a discounted price.  We have been so glad to have this installed in our room over the past couple of years.  In fact, we're planning to do the same for the second bedroom/office upstairs at some point, especially because that front room tends to get much warmer, and the standing floor fan isn't always completely effective.

All of which leads me back to the original comment about our surprise and disagreement with any sort of ceiling fan removal during a remodel.  I can understand replacement of an old unit, but if a room or home has a ceiling fan, there's usually a very good reason for it, so those designers need to be a wee bit more pragmatic about the comfort of the homeowners when they're completing their projects!


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