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Day 95: Pool Pleasure

I've grown to love swimming outdoors in any season, thanks to the lovely heated 25-yard 4-lane pool at the CAC:

The lanes in the CAC pool are wide enough to split if necessary, although the end lanes can be a bit tricky sometimes if you're swimming next to the edge.  Usually, however, the pool doesn't get that busy, so claiming an end lane typically guarantees a solo swim workout.

Given my goal to swim 500 miles by Oct. 1st this year, we've been focusing on finding hotels with pools for our recent travels.  In Montreal, we stayed at the Hilton Bonaventure, which not only had a relatively long pool (for a hotel) but also had a lane marker to reserve part of the pool for swimming laps:

Mr. E and I estimated that the length was about 18 meters, although we got three different answers from three different staff members!  I chose to go with the lowest calculation to make sure that I didn't overestimate my distances as I added to my cumulative mileage chart.

For the final part of this trip, we're staying with Mr. E's parents in Chicago.  They rent a condo downtown, right across from Millennium Park and with a fabulous view of the Lake and Navy Pier.  One of the iconic features of this residential complex is the domed pool, which provides two lap lanes along with some very colorful night lighting effects:

The slightly odd thing about the lanes in this pool is that each is a slightly different length, given the curvature of the pool itself (you can see this in the top photo above).  I think the longer lane is roughly 18 yards long, based on counting strokes and timing my workout in comparison to my accurate and easy-to-track CAC calculations.

Although I'm very fond now of outdoor pools, the domed pool is pretty darn close, and certainly a much more appropriate environment for any Midwest winter-time visits!


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