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Location: Sacramento, California, United States


Day 189: Bargain Shopping

This afternoon, I had a volunteer shift to support the sidewalk sale at WEAVE Works, the thrift store run by and benefiting WEAVE, an amazing local organization that provides services to women, children, and families who are victims of domestic abuse or violence.

The thrift store used to be in Midtown Sac on 20th Street between I and J, and Mr. E and I visited that location a couple of times when we first arrived in Sac and lived just a few blocks away in an apartment next to the train tracks on H between 19th & 20th.  Quite a few years ago, the store moved to a large location on Arden Way:

I'm sure the relocation was advantageous for many business reasons, but it certainly isn't a common destination area for us, so we really have not stopped by the store again for many years.

After my experience today, however, I may need to find reasons to get out that way more often!

In addition to helping to neaten up the racks, keep the dressing rooms cleared, and move racks and bins inside for storage, I happened to do a wee bit of shopping.  The prices are already remarkably low, and volunteers get an additional 50% off all purchases.

So for the low, low, low total price of $17.23, I bought 3 pairs of shoes, a small black evening purse, and a black mid-length leather jacket.  Amazing!!!

I couldn't find a photo of the jacket online anywhere, but here are the shoes I purchased:

From top to bottom, we have Clarks black wedge sandals, Montego Bay Club gold sandals, and Adirenne Vittadini black mid-heel dress sandals.

As I found images of the shoes online, I discovered that the original retail price of those last heels at Macy's is $95.  My price?  Umm... yeah... that's right... just over $3 with my extra discount.  Ha! Bargain shopping rocks!


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