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Location: Sacramento, California, United States


Day 280: Skating at Downtown Ice Rink... almost....

Mr. E and I headed to the Downtown Ice Rink at 8th & K in the hopes of skating during the 2pm session this afternoon. Unfortunately, the session was sold out, as this particular ice rink is rather small (about 1/4 block) and thus runs "sessions" every 2 hours with a limited number of skaters able to participate. Oh well. We'll have to try again sometime before the rink closes for the season on January 19th.

We decided to go for a short bike ride instead to take advantage of the sunny weather (still chilly, though -- 30 degrees at 8:45 am this morning!), so we headed along Capitol Ave, across the Tower Bridge, and over to one of the new developments in West Sac near Raley Field.

I blogged about The Park Moderns a couple of months ago, but we hadn't had a chance to tour a model during the first release dates earlier this year. So today, we wandered through a 1,450 square foot model town-home, which was open for tours on the weekend until 4pm. I think this was the model we toured (or at least very similar):

We both agreed that we like this development better than the SoCap Lofts near us here in downtown Sac, but there's not much else around The Park Moderns at this point in terms of retail or amenities, except for the ballpark. The longer term plans for that area include additional development, which will likely include restaurants and other retail establishments, but for now, it's still sort of in the middle of nowhere.

As Mr. E pointed out, buying a property there now is definitely an investment (and a statement of faith) in the future of the neighborhood. I think I'm a bit too risk-averse to take that chance!


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