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Day 324: Why I Hate Comcast

We're still working on the final touches for our new media wall configuration in the living room, and part of that transition includes getting a smaller Comcast cable box so that it would fit neatly on the shelf rather than needing to have some piece of furniture to hold our media components. Since Mr. E and I both had a holiday today (yeah, we both still worked though... *sigh*), we figured it might be a good day to run an errand up to the Comcast location in Natomas to switch out our cable box.

Of course, I wanted to confirm that the store was open before driving up there, so I attempted to call Comcast this morning to inquire about the store hours for the President's Day holiday. Note that "attempted" is the critical word in that sentence, as there was no direct phone number to the store, so I ended up getting routed through the ridiculous labyrinth of a customer service call center, only to discover that the agent with whom I finally connected couldn't even look up the store hours without first accessing my account information. Um, why would that matter? I had the exact address of the store, so why would you need to log into my account to find the same info? Grrrr!!!

This is yet one of the many, many reasons that I hate Comcast. Despite all the fabulous commercials and superlative customer service claims, our interactions with Comcast over the years have unfailingly been frustrating and annoying and lengthier than we expect in order to finally resolve whatever issue we're having.

It's almost enough to make me want to switch to Direct TV. About the only compelling reason for us to stick with Comcast at this point is that the basic package is included in our monthly HOA fees, and we'd have to pay that amount even if we transitioned to a different cable and TV and internet provider.

So basically, as long as we live here and the HOA Board doesn't make changes to this set-up, we're pretty much stuck with Comcast. Grrrr again!!!


Blogger Comcast Cassie said...

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Thanks for posting and bringing this to our attention.

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1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if "Comcast Cassie" is a robot?

10:54 AM  

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