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Location: Sacramento, California, United States


Day 364: Murals on California Energy Commission Building

On the southwest corner of 9th and P Streets is the California Energy Commission Building:

This building hosts a series of three murals along the 9th Street facade, which are just barely visible in the image above behind the street trees.

I've always enjoyed these murals as a way to relieve the otherwise stark building profile, and Mr. E took several photos today to show them in more detail:

There is no clearly evident indication of the inspiration for the murals or the creative artist responsible for them, but I found this great web site that provides a rather detailed history of the artwork, which was created by Roy De Forest.

Being more observant and appreciative of sites like this that I see in my daily life around Sacto was one of the catalysts for this particular blog project, as it's far too easy to take such things for granted when you see them often. I'm so glad that Sacramento has such a rich and growing portfolio of public art to enliven the urban landscape!


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