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Costa Rica Trip (Day 4)

December 30 - Tropical Yoga and River Cruise
I attended the 6:30am free yoga class on the pavilion near the pool. I didn't get as hot and sweaty as I'd expected, given the warm and humid climate, but apparently I attracted the nasty stinging flies and ended up with several bug bites (that still haven't completely healed more than a week later!). With just enough time to grab breakfast, including the huevos duros that Mr. E had ordered for me tucked into a napkin, we climbed back onto the bus for about a 2-hour drive to the site of our River Cruise up in the very northern part of the country. We had a pause along the way to get a closer look at some pineapple fields and also slowed down as we crossed a little bridge surrounded by trees full of iguanas and a sloth in a tree along the side of the road:

During the 2-hour river cruise, we got to see quite a bit of wildlife, including birds, a crocodile, some iguanas, several "Jesus Christ" lizards (they skim or "walk" across the top of the water), and even a rather angry white-faced monkey that didn't appreciate being stared at by humans:

We traveled far enough north to hit the border with Nicaragua! And when the boat turned around, we were north of that boundary, so I guess technically we visited two new countries during this trip.

After the cruise, we had lunch at a local restaurant and then piled back onto the bus to return to the hotel. We discovered a fabulous "towel dog" on the bed -- such a fun thing for the housekeeping staff to create for guests!

Lots of folks hit the pool when we got back, but Mr. E and I decided to take advantage of the cloud cover to do a walkabout for almost an hour to get some activity after being on the bus for such a long time. We also were able to take time to admire the beautiful grounds of the resort, particularly the flowers and fruit trees:

We eventually found our way to the pool again for some laps and finally got our pool-side cocktails as well -- a Guaro Sour for me (my new favorite, made with the national Cacique rum, simple sugar, and citrus) and a Toucan Tico for Mr. E. Our day finished with a return to the El Rincon bar to finish our card game and bid farewell to the bartender.


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