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Recycling Revelation

One of the things E & I most loved about relocating to Sacto was the wide variety of recycling now available to us. Office paper? Check. Corrugated cardboard? Check. Non-corrugated? Yep, that's cool, too. Glass and plastic containers with any number (not just 1 or 2 like back in Mad Town)? Woo-hoo! It's recycling paradise!

It may sound strange, but this is an issue that's really important to us, to how we try to live in terms of not acquiring and not wasting too many material objects. So being able to recycle the majority of our ordinary refuse is quite thrilling. Just throw it all in one big bag, throw the bag in the big blue container, and set it out on the curb every other week. Excellent!

Unfortunately, the move to our downtown condo brought with it an unexpected recycling revelation...

Since we're part of a condo complex, our HOA contracts with a private vendor to empty our garbage and recycling containers. This means we are not served by the city, and part of our monthly HOA fee covers the private service. All well and good, except that E recently learned that the private service doesn't recycle the same amount of stuff! So no more office paper. No more cardboard. Only newspapers, glass, and plastic.

So why are we paying EXTRA for a lesser service??!! Hmm. Maybe that's an issue to bring up to the HOA Board sometime soon.

E & I are both currently in denial about this and continue to throw everything into the same bag for the recycling container. I'm just hoping that doesn't contaminate the whole load and cause it all to be thrown out with the trash to fill up a landfill somewhere...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LNJ said-

You just need to save up all the stuff the your HOA won't recycle and bring it down to my place and throw it in my recycle bins. Man, we got it all covered. Other than that, I am feeling ya and I am down with ya on the recycle tip. I've even got my Boy to start recycling and watching out for the world of him and his chilluns. Ain't nothing so good as taking care of Momma Nature.

3:31 PM  

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