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We finally got our tree and finished our holiday decorating this past weekend. The tree had a few issues with its bungee cords and the smooth top of the car, but we managed to make it home without seeing it fly off through the back window, so all was well in the end.

Chez nous, E has definitely earned the title of Master of the Light Brigade. Here's a list of the mini-lights we currently have strung about the condo (my numbers may be slightly off, but they're close!):
  • 3 strands of blue + 2 strands of white on the patio
  • 2 strands of blue + 1 strand of white on the balcony
  • 1 strand of red around the beaded curtain opening to our closet
  • 1 strand of red + 1 strand of red chili-peppers novelty lights (currently not working - not sure what happened there, though it may be my fault for attempting to replace some burned-out bulbs with incorrectly sized extra bulbs from the new strands) around the bridge railing
  • 2 strands of white around the inner tree trunk
  • 2 strands of red + 2 strands of green + 2 strands of white above & below the kitchen cabinets
  • 2 strands of green around the guest-room window
  • And we can't forget the cow novelty lights around the lower stair railing!
In addition, we have 2 single clear window candles in the guest-room and of course several multi-colored strands of larger lights on the tree itself. Phew! I think we've definitely got our holiday groove on now...

Cheers and joy to all!!!

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Blogger Arielle said...

Merry Christmas from Spain! I hope that you have a great holiday there in Sac!! Spain is all about lights...but yours sound much much nicer. Hehe! Hopefully talk to you soon!

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LNJ thinks-

Your place must look slammin' with the groovin' o' the Giftmas lights and decorations. I wish I had time to see it.

Either way, I am off tomorrow to see the fam and so I probably won't be stoppin' in to check this for a week. Be well, take care, and enjoy your family and the CA winter. Cheers.

11:59 AM  

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