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Laments From a Frustrated Female Shopper

Is it so unreasonable to want my pants to fit in such a way that neither my underwear nor too much of my flesh is exposed when I sit down??? Who invented the "super low-rise" anyway?! I mean, forgive me for being somewhat finicky, but I personally prefer not only to be able to actually wear underwear but also to not show it off to the entire world!

I truly don't comprehend how anyone can wear these styles. All I ask for is a little stretch in the fabric so the clothes move & bend when I do and enough of a rise to cover my delicate areas no matter what position I'm in (yet not so much rise that the waistband reaches up to my ribs). Truly, this can't be such a difficult design matter.

And yet...

And yet...

Of the many, many pairs of pants & capris that I tried on over the weekend, I think perhaps 10% of them offered sufficient coverage without excess. And of course, of these 10%, less than 1% actually fit in every other area or had an acceptable style, pattern, color, etc.

Not to mention that in some brands I'm apparently a size 1 (ha!) while in others I'm up to a size 8 (ha!). Nice range, that. So I basically have to bring at least 4 sizes of each item into the dressing room with me until I can figure out the sizing of a particular brand. And even then, if the style or fabric is slightly different, the fit and size might be different, so there's still no consistency.

Must be nice to be a man and to actually shop by MEASUREMENTS rather than by arbitrary SIZES, especially since those sizes are so often manipulated to make us women feel "better" about ourselves rather than providing accuracy & consistency.



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Yup... I feel you on that. It makes it hard to shop for girlfirends, sisters, etc. On top of that, I've hounestly talked with females that swear they are a size 6 and they are NOT that small. I've got nothing against women being larger than size 6, but lets be hounest and universal with our sizes. Thanks GAP!

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