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Sunday Morning Run

Results from yesterday's Paul Reese Memorial Clarksburg Country Run (20 miles):
  • Time - 3:12:25
  • Pace - 9:37
  • Place Overall - 120 of 217
  • Place in Gender - 35 of 97
Not too bad, especially since I really hit the wall around mile 14. I had a great run through about the half marathon point (13.1) but then my legs started to lose energy. I had expected this to happen, since I'd had an upset stomach all day Saturday and Sunday morning so couldn't follow my usual eat-a-Luna-bar-along-the-way strategy for long runs. My body simply didn't have enough fuel to keep going after a certain point, even though I made sure to alternate water and gatorade at each aid station and to grab an apple slice and orange slice when possible. But for the first time ever, I felt light-headed and dizzy at the finish and had to ask Mr. E to pull over at one point on the way home because I felt like I was going to throw up. Bleah. I hate bad run days!

But it's all a good learning experience. And at least I didn't have any physical issues (knees, feet, etc.), so that's a good sign. I'll just need to be sure that I carry enough fuel during the marathon to keep replenishing my energy. This also confirms my decision to be a bit conservative with the CIM and sign up to run with the 4:15:00 pace group rather than trying to be too ambitious and aim for something like a 4:00:00 time.

Three more weeks 'til the big day! Woo-hoo!


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