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Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting Winners!

We hosted a wine tasting last night to find some CA red wines from someplace other than Napa or Sonoma counties. After tasting 10 (!) bottles of wine, our guests all picked their top 3, and we awarded 3 "People's Choice" prizes to the following:
  1. Big Yellow Cabernet (Ukiah)
  2. Holly's Hill Patriarche (a blend from a Placerville winery)
  3. Parducci Cabernet (Mendocino County)
The winners are shown in the photo above in reverse order. Prizes were $10 gift cards to Trader Joe's, Selland's Market, and Corti Bros. And thanks to my wonderful E's selection of the Parducci from our local Safeway, the "house wine" came in third.

Well, actually, we came in fourth but the third place winner - Red Diamond Merlot (yes, a Merlot! Can ya believe it?!) - was from Washington state, so it was disqualified due to the rules violation, moving our offering into third. Yay!

Definitely an event to repeat...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LNJ comments-

You and E should find some time to get to the Central Coast and try some wines there. San Luis Obispo has some wines in the area that are EXCELLENT! Dark Star wines are just yummy! Other than that thought, not much going down. Will be in the WIz for Thnxgv. Any needs or wants?

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