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Comfort Food

So for some reason, E & I have recently been discussing Kraft Mac n' Cheese as a possible dinner option. I'm not sure if we saw commercials for it or if it was a simple craving for childhood comfort food, but we decided to give in to our baser instincts for a slightly-less-than-healthy meal and purchased the familiar blue and orange box on Saturday (actually, my childhood mac n' cheese was usually in the black and white generic box, but I often longed for the "real" thing that sat nearby on the shelf).

Of course, we also had to purchase some form of hot dog to include with the meal. I compared all of the hot dog possibilities at Safeway to find the one that was the most "healthy," i.e. fewest calories, least fat, least sodium, and most non-beef ingredients. Although my Mom always cut up the hot dogs & boiled them so each end of each slice plumped out once they were added to the mac n' cheese, I agreed with E to have him grill four of the 'dogs and then slice them post-cooking to stir into the cheesy goodness.

And yes, it was definitely a bowl full of cheesy goodness, perfectly complemented by the grilled hot dogs (and accompanied by some healthy fresh grilled tomatoes, carrots, and corn on the cob).

Yummy! Just as we remembered!

And since I'd done a 13-mile run that morning, I figured the carbos and calories were fairly justifiable. Hmm. Perhaps that should be my pre-marathon carbo-load dinner, too...


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