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Race for the Arts @ Crocker Park

Check out my Race Events link for some recent photos of the 5K Race for the Arts at Crocker Park.

I'm so in awe of my friend, S, from PP - this was her first ever race event and her first time running outside (pavement, wind, hills), and she totally rocked the course! She started running and working out on a regular basis about 3 months ago and has been incredibly dedicated and disciplined. It was so great to run with a "newbie" and be able to share the whole running experience with her! And I was relieved to discover that I was able to do this sort of companion running, too, since I tend to be too focused on time and competitive things like that. But it was SO fun to be a running buddy and be there for S to encourage and support her. You go, girl!!!

We had two primary goals for this event: (1) Maintain a 12-minute mile pace; and (2) Not finish last. And we did both: (1) 11:59 pace; (2) 12 & 13 out of 22 in our age/gender division; 329 & 330 out of 459 overall.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Way to go! By the way, I want that 12-minute mile down to 11:40 by the next race. :) You are my race goddess and when I get off the cane, you certainly put distance running back into my thoughts of things that would be worthwhile to do with my body once the docs clear me. Oh, and a race for a cause kicks copious amounts of booty.

5:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! Sounds like a great race. I just wanted to say hi before I head back to Midd in 2 weeks. Hope all is well and we get a chance to catch up soon! :) Arielle

8:29 PM  

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