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World Champion Red Sox - AGAIN!

Yep, definitely time for an update. And I never thought I'd be able to put "World Champions" in the same sentence as "Red Sox" and "again" in my lifetime... WOO-HOO!!

The yelling was pretty loud in our house Sunday night after the unexpected sweep of the Colorado Rockies. Mike Lowell so deserved that MVP (though I did wonder if maybe Dustin and Jacoby might be selected to share the honours - there's always next season for the rookies).

Oh, yeah, note to Red Sox management: SIGN LOWELL, DAMMIT!!!!!

Even my Mom stayed up to hear the outcome once the score got so close (and she's on the East Coast, so that's pretty darn late).

Oh, yeah, note to MLB bigwigs: FOX BROADCASTING SUCKS!!!!!

The announcers were horrible, Tim McCarver made mistake after mistake in his "colour commentary," the commercials were excessively long, and what sort of lame post-game coverage was that??!! A few interviews, a few trophy presentations, then a final mini-wrap-up. That's it? That's all we get? ARRGH!

Other than that, watching the game Sunday evening was a lovely way to finish up a day that began with a 22-mile run (great negative split - 13 minutes faster on the return!), transitioned into a great potluck and bocce contest at the Fremont Community Garden (with a surprise visit by Rob Fong to present a City Council resolution to recognize Mr. E's work on the Garden), and almost came to a crashing halt when the Rockies roared back to come within 1 run. Thank goodness for former River Cat Bobby Kielty's pinch home run! Even without the troll hair, he'll be memorable for Red Sox fans.

Oh, yeah, note to self: Finally time to wash those "good luck" Red Sox sheets...


Blogger Adam P. said...


I was calling. I was watching. I was pacing. It was wonderful. God was it great. I still think about it and smile. It was a wild and wonderful thing and all I could think that night was, "Is this really happeneing? This isn't real, is it?"

Lowell was great. He needs to be resigned. Screw A-Fraud. MVP should have been Paps. The kid was lights out. Just unhittable. Without Paps, I don't think we would have won. Just my opinion. All is well here. Hugs and all that.

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, clean sheets. The others should be hung as a victory flag.

RedSox 2, Yankees 1 for this century.

Go Sox! Where the heck is Buckholtz??? (sp?)


8:27 AM  

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