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2011 Year in Review - Q3

Our annual summertime visit to Mom included dinner at the new Marshfield Tavern, just behind the Roche Bros. grocery store near the high school complex. And of course we had to indulge in some fresh-from-the-Atlantic-ocean lobster on the 3rd before heading into Boston.

We went to part of the Red Sox game on the 4th, but our bleacher seats were in the bright sun, and I just couldn't tolerate the heat and humidity, so we left fairly early and enjoyed the rest of the game from the air-conditioned comfort of Boston Brewery right across the street. The Sox lost that game but emerged victorious the following evening, when we stayed for the whole game, despite the warm temps during the early innings. We made a short road trip to Salem on the 6th and walked around some of the historic area before grabbing lunch and a frozen treat prior to making our way back to Logan for our return flight.

Our schedule aligned perfectly to get us back to Sac just in time for the visit of our dear friends K & M, who now live in Phoenix, AZ. We got to meet their son J for the first time when we went out for dinner on the 8th, and then I joined the trio for a special wine-tasting at Todd Taylor at the Old Sugar Mill in nearby Clarksburg, along with P & J. Mr. E wasn't able to attend since he was getting ready for his upcoming work trip, but I brought home a couple of bottles to share. On the 9th, we spent the day on the American River with Gold Rush Whitewater Rafting on a trip organized by our gym. Lots of fun, but we were tired after the whole day in the sun and agreed that a 1/2-day excursion would be perfect next time.

Mr. E spent the 11th-15th in Houston for work, and I definitely had no desire to visit that city in the middle of the summer!!! On the 12th, I finally got to see my sports medicine doc, who confirmed the stress fracture diagnosis on the 3rd metatarsal of my right foot. He indicated that the walking boot is the proper treatment and that I'd likely be in the boot for about 6 weeks total. By this piont, I'd finally begun seeing some improvement in both the appearance and pain in my foot, so I was hopeful that the remaining 3 weeks would pass quickly.

When Mr. E returned from Houston, we caught another River Cats game on the 16th and enjoyed morning brunch at Orphan as well. On the 25th, I continued our trend of film viewing with "The Greenest Building" at The Crest. We attempted another brunch at Orphan on the 30th, but it was too busy, so we headed to 33rd Street Bistro instead. We've had mixed experiences at this restaurant, primarily because the quality of service doesn't match the food, and I'm much less forgiving of poor service than poor food. Unfortunately, this visit didn't change our impressions at all, and we were relieved to return to Orphan on the 31st and confirm our love of that spot!

Thanks to PPMM's new Title X grant for a health center in Carson City, I headed off to Miami Beach for a week of meetings the 1st-6th. Due to "weather" issues in the Midwest, my flights were delayed several times, but I still managed to reach my destination late on the 1st, so I didn't miss any of the meetings. Mr. E was very understanding of my need to depart on his birthday... And luckily, this was the day that marked 6 weeks in the walking boot, so I was able to leave that particular accessory at home!

We embarked on a trip to the Pacific Northwest on the 11th, flying into Seattle and then driving down to Portland to meet friends C & S and daughter C for lunch before joining my cousins W & M for dinner and an overnight. We drove back to Seattle on the 12th to watch the Sox beat the Mariners, but the outcome on the 13th wasn't quite so positive. We opted to drive up to Vancouver the morning of the 14th rather than staying for the 3rd game, which was definitely a good decision, since the Sox lost in one of Wake's multiple attempts to get his 200th win. Our trip wrapped up on the 16th.

On the 25th, we went to the Crocker for another film, this time about John Singer Sargent and one of his contemporaries, whose name I can't remember right now, which was sort of the point of the film - both artists were popular at the time, but Sargent's work has continued to be more favored.

We rounded out the month on the 28th by joining some fellow Badgers for the annual Big Ten bowling tournament. Although I grew up with candlepin bowling and didn't ever bowl ten pin until after I moved to Madison in 1997, I was one of the highest scorers on our team! Despite our small but mighty group, we didn't bring home the trophy, but maybe we'll do better next year.

We went to another River Cats game on the 1st and managed to watch most of the game before Mr. E dropped me off at the airport for my red-eye flight back East to visit Mom. We enjoyed several good beach days, including one with great waves for playing and body surfing, along with the requisite fresh lobster, of course! I returned on the 6th, just in time to drive to Reno on the 7th for a Title X internal team meeting.

On the 16th, Mr. E left for a long visit to Chicago. I caught another River Cats game solo that evening and then splurged on theatre two nights in a row with "The Drowsy Chaperone" from Runaway Stage Productions on the 23rd and "Mr. & Mrs. Fitch" at the Studio Theatre on the 24th. Mr. E returned on the 26th, and we made time for several date nights that week to enjoy being together again.


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Woohoo! We made the cut in July =) M, J, and I are looking forward to your visit in March!!

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