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Day 127: 500 Miles

On Friday, I reached my goal of swimming 500 miles in one year... two months early!

I started this endeavor on Oct. 2, 2013 and originally set the total at 400 miles, figuring that an average of 8 miles a week would be doable but not put too much pressure on myself (I have a habit of doing that, and sometimes that leads to unhealthy stress).  I realized pretty quickly, however, that hitting a 10 mile per week average wasn't out of the question, and that a new goal of 500 miles would be more of a stretch but still completely feasible, so I changed my plans.

Participating in the CAC Polar Bear Challenge from November to March was very helpful motivation as well, as I wanted to be the first to finish and also be the swimmer with the highest total yardage.  As the months passed, I charted my progress and knew that I'd be finishing early, but I didn't expect to finish at the beginning of August, on Mr. E's birthday, no less!

I'm really proud of motivating myself to reach this goal and being so consistent and disciplined in my efforts.  So now, the real question is... do I try to hit 600???  I'd have to slightly increase my pace to swim at least 12 miles per week, which is feasible and which I've done relatively often already anyway, but I'd definitely have to include some "double swim" days.

And I am a Pisces after all!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not complete 555 miles? An alliteration of numbers... much more interesting. :)


2:19 PM  
Anonymous Mr. K said...

Hip hip hooray, my Pisces friend! What a great accomplishment.

12:48 PM  

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