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Location: Sacramento, California, United States


Day 190: Urban Cow 1/2 Marathon

This morning, I did the Urban Cow 1/2 Marathon Relay with my colleague, ML, from CPCA.  I've done this race every year since we moved to Sacramento in 2004.  The event has evolved over the years, with changes in the race distance options and in the name.

I used to run the full 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles) up until a few years ago when my body decided it didn't want to run as far any more.  So then I switched to the relay, which involves a team of 2 people who each run half the distance (6.55 miles).  Oh... except for the blooper year when those of us in the first leg of the relay or the first wave of the 1/2 marathon ended up running an "udderly long" event due to a mistake on the part of the cyclist who led out the runners and inadvertently took a turn into the 5K loop that added on almost .75 mile to the route.  Oops!

I was quite pleased with my run today, as I stuck to my plan of 12 minutes running/3 minutes walking throughout the course.  At this point, that's the only way I can run more than about 50 minutes at a time.  My total time this year was also faster than my time last year, and my overall mileage pace was just over 10:00 minutes.

All of that makes me feel much more confident about achieving my new fitness goal for the next year, which is to run a race every month. I've got October completed, November will be the Turkey Trot 5-miler in New Orleans over the Thanksgiving holiday, and December will be the CIM relay with a 4-person team from CPCA.  So that's already 3 months down, only 9 to go!


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