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Day 199: Disappointment at Panera

Last month, I raved about the new option at Panera for rapid pick-up, as it was the first time that Mr. E and I had placed an order online for pick-up at the store at a specified time. We had a relatively complex order, with lots of customizations, and what we got was absolutely perfect.

My experience today was just the opposite. I placed the order online this afternoon for pick-up at 7pm, but when I arrived around 7:15pm, the order wasn't ready and waiting for me. An employee asked me if I there for a pick-up order and then explained that the store had run out of the appropriate bread for Mr. E's Italian Combo sandwich, which was why the order wasn't ready. I asked about other options, particularly the baguette, and was told that the store was also out of baguette. That in itself is a big problem, since the common side choices for most orders includes a piece of baguette. I finally was able to select whole wheat bread and then went to do my final errand rather than waiting in the store for the food to be made.

All of this was annoying enough, but the worst part was yet to come...

When Mr. E came home from the CAC and took a bite of his sandwich, he ended up with a mouthful of red onions, which were definitively noted on the online order to NOT be included. In addition, his sandwich was supposed to have extra pepperoncini, but that customization was also lacking.  *sigh*

I'm willing to try once more to see if the next order is accurate, but I'll be sure to confirm all of the food items before leaving the store.


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