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Day 219: Odd Trends When Visiting A

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I was visiting A and crew this weekend, and I noticed that there seem to be some odd trends whenever we're getting together, at least based on the last three visits.

(1) September 2013 - Labor Day Girls' Long Weekend - St. Louis, MO

  • My original Southwest flight from Sac to Phoenix was cancelled, and there was no other option to get out to St. Louis that day, so I didn't arrive until the following afternoon.
  • The weather was HOT and HUMID.  Ick.
  • At the end of a run one morning, I managed to trip on the curb of a sidewalk and go sprawling, ending up with bruises and abrasions on my knees and elbows.

(2) February 2014 - Baby Shower - Louisville, KY

  • My United flight from Louisville to Houston (first leg of the trip home) was delayed, and there was no other option to get back to Sac that evening, so I ended up with an overnight in Denver at the airport Embassy Suites Hotel. Mr. E had to pick me up the next morning, bring work clothes for me to change into in the car, and take me straight to the office.
  • The weather was COLD and SNOWY. Brr.
  • No workout issues this time around. Phew!

(3) October/November 2014 - Meeting Freddy - Louisville, KY

  • My United flight from Houston to Louisville was delayed due to maintenance issues, so I arrived two hours late, at midnight instead of 10pm.
  • The weather was COLD and RAINY and WINDY and SLEET-Y. Yikes!
  • At the end of my run on Friday morning, I landed right on top of a chunk of concrete on the side of the road across from A's house and badly twisted my left ankle. I managed to walk it off and was still able to run yesterday morning, but my ankle was quite puffy over the past few days, and the bruise is turning lovely colours.

I think I'm jinxed! And what this really means is that A, R, and F need to come west to visit us next time to help break the curse...


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