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Day 302: Evan's Kitchen

Mr. E and I have a list of local restaurants that we'd like to try, mostly based on recommendations from friends and colleagues and compiled over the years that we've lived in Sacramento. This year, we decided to be more proactive and methodical about visiting these venues, so we wrote the list on the white board near the kitchen, which is also where we keep our grocery shopping notes and coupons.

This weekend, we actually managed to visit two new places -- Evan's Kitchen on 57th & H Streets in East Sacramento and Taylor's Kitchen on Freeport Boulevard near Land Park (more on the latter tomorrow).

We went to Evan's Kitchen yesterday morning with our monthly brunch group, as the menu for the morning meal is quite extensive and seemed to provide a good opportunity to test out the restaurant. Here's a sample of the breakfast offerings:

I had a yummy DIY omelette with spinach, mushrooms, and avocado. Mr. E had the corned beef hash, which came with two eggs, and the french toast. I appreciated the option of fruit rather than potatoes for a side (especially with no additional charge), but Mr. E wasn't overly impressed with the hash. He prefers his meat shredded rather than diced, so although there was nothing actually wrong or bad about his meal, he would order something else the next time around.

Our brunch companions all seemed quite satisfied with their meals, and given the reasonable prices, comprehensive menu, ease of parking, and lack of wait time, we'll likely include this as a recurring spot for our monthly brunch gathering. It's farther for the majority of us who live in Downtown or Midtown, but it's closer for M who lives in the Arden Arcade area, so it's still pretty convenient and worth keeping in the rotation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Breakfast was uninspired... could count the blueberries in the pancake with two hands.

Hopefully, dinner is better or you can forget this place. Oh, the bathrooms are not too clean.

11:24 AM  

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