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Location: Sacramento, California, United States


Day 365: The Finale

And so it ends.

Today marks Day 365 of my daily blogging project, which I began last year on March 30, 2014, with this post. I'm sure there are many aspects of life here in Sacramento that I neglected to highlight during this year, and this project became more about how to be truly present and observant in my daily life -- wherever I happen to be -- rather than just about composing an multi-part ode and love letter of sorts to this lovely city o' Sacto.

I think it's fitting that this finale day included many common sights and sounds and experiences, from a morning 10K race along the levee path, beginning in front of the Crocker Art Museum, passing the Front Street Animal Shelter (where we met our fabulous feline matches, Calypso & Captain Jack), and through Miller Park; to an afternoon performance of Swan Lake by our amazing local dance company, The Sacramento Ballet, at the Community Center Theater; and finally back home through Capitol Park to Saratoga Townhomes, where we were greeted by some of the brilliant blooms that Mr. E surreptitiously sprinkled into our small landscape planters:

Sacramento truly has so much to offer and enjoy, and I'm glad this project helped me to be actively appreciative of my City as well as of other little bits and pieces of my daily life that so often otherwise go unnoticed.

Though the project concludes, I vow to actively work on keeping this mindset and approach to life so that I don't lose the joy of contemplation and observation that this blogging compendium has given me.


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Yay for making it a whole year! I've really enjoyed reading your posts! A

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