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Cookie Monster

After lunch, I decided to take a few of the final Christmas cookies out of the freezer for dessert. Two snickerdoodles joined two anise drops in one of the little blue bowls from Chris and Emre. Planning to munch on them as I worked on the computer, I put them on the little side table next to the recliner in the office loft upstairs. However, since E needed to check his email before heading to the garden (more on that later), I decided to get some cleaning done first instead, so I went back downstairs to sweep, swiff, and vacuum.

Finally finished with those chores, I headed upstairs again to get my stuff together for work tomorrow and to get started on the aforementioned computer work. My backpack was leaning against the recliner, so I knelt down to start loading it with the necessary items, and I noticed that Miss Muffster was sitting in a patch of sun behind the recliner next to the wall. As I started to greet her, I then noticed what she had hidden in front of her... a snickerdoodle!!!

I couldn't believe it. I mean, garbanzos are one thing (see previous post), but Christmas cookies??!! She's never expressed the least bit of interest in them before!

Not only was she working on the first of the two snickerdoodles (the second was sitting forlornly solo in the dish), but she had apparently already consumed both of the anise drops! All I found of them were a few crumbs and some green and red stains on the carpet from the colored sugar that was sprinkled on top.


And I guess it comes as no surprise after that unexpected human treat that she's not currently meowing for her 3pm feeding as she usually would... Perhaps that's the silver lining? I just hope she doesn't get sick from eating the cookies!!


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