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My Dad's out of the ICU and both E & I returned to Sacto on Sunday. Dad's still seriously ill, but we're hoping he'll be strong enough to go to a Rehab Center within the next week or so. In the meantime, E headed off to Mad City for an HP Recruiting trip this morning, so I'm hanging solo with the Muffster until Friday. That's about all for now...

Oh - remember that Giftmas time post about annoying jewelry commercials? The same thing always happens around Feb. 14th, of course, and I tend to talk back to the TV frequently whenever these little ads appear ("Every kiss begins with K[ay]" Bleah!). But my wonderful E did gift me some fab and appropriate bling-bling this year - a 2004 World Champion Red Sox key ring!!! Yeah, baby!!!

City o' Champions, yes indeed!


Blogger Arielle said...

Hey! I am glad your dad is doing better, I hope he has a good and speedy recovery. I am in Switzerland and just wanted to say hi. Things are going well but I am definatly a bit sore from falling down a lot on the snowboard. Haha...oh well its still fun. Hope you have a great week and hopefully I'll talk to you when I get back to Spain. :) Arielle

5:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope your dad continues to get better.

LJ in Madtown

1:00 PM  

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