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Location: Sacramento, California, United States


Day 137: Ambrosia Cafe

This morning, I went out to breakfast with my colleague, M, to Ambrosia Cafe on K Street.  This cafe has a nifty corner spot on the mostly-pedestrian-only plaza on K & 11th, diagonally across from the Cathedral and clustered around the plaza with other eateries such as Chops and La Bou:

The photo above is the view from across K Street, and the cafe has a nice outdoor eating patio just around the corner on the plaza side.  It tends to attract patrons from the Capitol (just across L Street) as well as the Convention Center (2 blocks away on 13th Street) and can be quite an interesting place to people-watch, given the variety of folks that either stop to eat or simply pass by the windows.

The interior is homey and appealing (love the black and white tile floor!):

Customers place their orders at the counter and then any cooked items are brought over to the table.  Ambrosia has delicious baked goods and pastries and also offers catering.  When I was still at PPMM, we often used Ambrosia for staff meetings (when we were allowed to provide food rather than doing a brown-bag option) and for external events.  I believe the PPMM Director of Development for the Sac regions knows the owner of Ambrosia, so I think that's one of the reasons we often utilized these services. 

We occasionally have catering from Ambrosia here at CPCA as well, and it's always very fresh and tasty.  I'm just really glad that the business is still open and apparently successful, given the number of other storefronts nearby that have gone vacant, including the former Pyramid Brewery that used to face Ambrosia across K Street.

Let's hope the business continues to thrive!


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