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Day 134: More Capitol Art Boxes

During my run this morning, I passed three more of the Capitol Art Boxes.  The first was at 15th & P Streets, by artist Ianna Frisby:

This piece is inspired by sewing patterns and designs, which called to mind my recent creative project of making booties for my new nephew, CJ.  I learned to sew initially from my Mom and then during 5th grade at Derby Academy, and I've always been glad to have that skill.  As an undergrad, one of my majors was Theatre, and my primary focus was costume design and construction.  I don't sew full projects much anymore, but I do still often alter my clothes when necessary.

The second box was at 16th & P Streets, in front of the Starbucks in the Fremont Building, and was created by Nathan Cordero:

The artwork looks much more interesting on the box than in this photo and looks like a collage of different pieces of wood scraps and other construction items, such as paint samples.  The variety of textures and colours is quite striking and intriguing up close.

I saw a third box on my way home, at 10th & O Streets:

Susan Silvester designed this cluster of figures in a wooded setting reminiscent of a fairy tale or folk story.  I like the little animal figures in this pieces, but I find the children in bunny suits rather odd.  Perhaps that's the point?

Later today, on my way to and from Massage Envy, I came across two more boxes, including this rather mechanical-looking landscape at 16th & Q, by Erik Hosino, across from Hot Italian:

This image is too small to see the details of the images in the frames on the wall, and I didn't get a close enough look to see each of the photos, but I did notice that the TV screen is showing a baseball scene of some kind!

Finally, the last box I noticed was a bright composition of angular shapes by Mark Emerson at 15th & S Streets:

This colorful collage reminds me in some way of a stained glass window, especially when it's wrapped around a rectangular box so that each of the four faces of the box has a distinctive design.

I'm really enjoying the gradual discover of these electrical art boxes around the neighborhood!


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