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Day 138: Days of Mexican Food

When given the choice, I don't usually opt for Mexican food when dining out, although I do enjoy an occasional Chipotle trip with Mr. E (yeah, that probably doesn't really count, does it?).  This week, however, I ended up with Mexican food for several days in a row!

Tuesday lunch was at 524 Mexican Restaurant at 12th & F Streets, along the light rail line, just a few blocks from the CPCA office:

I took MJ out after completing her annual review, and I wasn't surprised when she chose this local venue, as I know it's one of her favorites.  I had only visited once before, during a Local Roots Food Tour that Mr. E and I enjoyed several years ago.  I looked at the menu ahead of time and ordered the chicken confetti salad, with no onions (of course), which was both delicious and ginormous.  In fact, the leftovers lasted me for two additional lunches this week!

Tonight, before going to a reception at HALO in honor of National Health Center Week, my colleague CMK and I had dinner at Ernesto's, on the corner of 16th & S Streets, relatively close to home and on the way to the R Street Market Safeway:

Again, I did a little preview of the menu and decided in advance that I would order the enchiladas saute with no cheese and no sauce.  The meal was tasty enough, but nothing terribly special, which wasn't entirely unexpected, given my previous experience at Ernesto's many years ago when Mr. E and I were first getting to know the Sacto restaurant scene.  This place is definitely a local favorite for many, including some of our neighbors, but we weren't overly impressed and haven't been back since then.

It's rather interesting that the online photos I found of the interiors of both restaurants have such similar decor (the colorful flags).  I wonder if there's some sort of cultural significance to that particular type of decoration?


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Hot and spicy!!! Wait, that's the jalepeno I had with lunch.

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