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Location: Sacramento, California, United States


Day 203: Bridges

The theme of the conference I'm attending is "Building Bridges," which is so appropriate for an event that's taking place in Portland, a city of multiple distinct bridges linking the City Center and western neighborhoods to the eastern neighborhoods.  I also love the criss-crossing Willammette and Columbia Rivers that demarcate the city in much the same way that the Sacramento and American Rivers delineate different sections of Sacramento.

On my morning runs this week, we've taken advantage of the ped/bike path along the Steel Bridge that leads to the lovely path along Waterfront Park.  The photos below show an overall view of the Bridge along with a closer look at the ped/bike part, which can raise and lower as needed to allow boats to pass underneath.

This morning, I turned around a bit earlier than the rest of the GPA running posse, and as I headed back towards the bridge, I noticed that the ped/bike path was raised! I ended up having perfect timing to see the large boat coming through, the path lowering, and the gates opening just as I reached them.

Mr. E and I have often tossed around the idea of a future relocation to Portland, as we both feel so comfortable in this city and appreciate all of the great urban design and focus on sustainability that makes this place unique and utterly livable.  I'm sure it would take some time to adjust to the different climate, but it's still a tempting option, and a possibility that might become even more appealing if A, R, and F end up moving back to the Pacific Northwest, as it would be lovely to be closer to more family.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

and closer to more Salmon...

12:24 PM  
Blogger Arielle said...

Your posts are making me homesick....

2:17 PM  

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