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Day 310: Super Sunday Run 10K

Yesterday morning, I ran a 10K (6.2 miles) as part of my goal to run a race each month this year (started in October with the Urban Cow 1/2 Marathon Relay).  My primary objective was to run the entire distance, as my typical long runs on the weekend are done with a run/walk combo, which has been quite effective so far and has helped me to continue running and start to extend the amount of time and the distance of these runs.

The Super Sunday Run looped in and around the CSUS campus, starting just outside Hornet Stadium and finishing on the grass of the football field inside.  The farthest I had run continuously prior to yesterday was 5.9 miles at the beginning of December for the first leg of the California International Marathon Relay. I finished that distance in 57:10 and was very pleased to complete my leg at a 9:41 pace, as I was just hoping to be faster than a 10:00 pace.

My run yesterday was even better -- I actually wonder if the course measurement was a bit short! According to the official results, my time was 55:44, which is a pace of 8:59. I finished in the top 33% overall, top 22% of all women, and top 17% of my division (women ages 40-44). Nice!

This definitely encourages me to keep running and to attempt the full Urban Cow 1/2 marathon in October. I hadn't even thought about being able to do that again, but I'm feeling pretty positive that I can use my walk/run technique to complete the 13.1 miles, and that in itself would be a really nice way to finish out this year's fitness goal.


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