Fish Out of Water

Musings and observations about life from an East Coast native now living on the Left Coast in the California State Capitol since 2004. This fish has made her home in Madison, WI (7 years); Portland, OR (2 years); Las Vegas, NV (7 months); Middlebury, VT (3 summers); Marne-la-Vallee, a small town east of Paris, France (6 months); Middletown, CT (3 years); and Marshfield, MA, the fish's coastal hometown 40 miles south of Boston (17 years).

Location: Sacramento, California, United States



So just as my knee is starting to feel better and I'm back to running on a regular basis...

OK, I guess the good running story really should come first, right? Last Friday, I was totally in the mood to go for a longer run (e.g. over 10K), so I headed out on the 8-mile route that Mr. E & I had traced prior to the Davis Stampede 1/2 marathon (during which I hurt my left knee). This was the first time since that injury that I'd attempted to go for anything longer than a 10K run, especially outside. And it was great! I felt really good, my knee didn't hurt, and my time was almost 2 minutes faster than previously (1:05:50 vs. 1:07:35). So Friday was definitely a runner's high type o' day. Yay!

Fast forward to Sunday morning and the bad running story. I'm feeling sore and tired but decide to get in a quick 2.5 mile run along my standard Southside Park route - this is more for the psychological effect of knowing I've done something than for any physical gratification. I'm 3 blocks into my run and turning a corner when I step on one of those hard, brown, round spiky seed pods that fall from the trees around here. Not good. My right ankle twists badly and down I go. Much pain. The type that makes you feel nauseous. Yuck. I stay grounded for a couple of minutes and start to wonder how long it would take to hop home the 3 blocks if I can't put weight on my ankle at all... Luckily, this isn't the case, and I manage to walk home very carefully, deliberately, and slowly. My ankle swells up quite a bit despite the icing, but at least I know it's not broken. *sigh*

So despite the knee improvement, I'm now on the sidelines for at least a week to wait for my ankle to heal. It's all swollen and turning lots of pretty colours at the moment. Not too much pain from normal walking, but very stiff, limited range of motion, and not too comfortable to try to press on it or do anything with additional impact. Even Pilates has to be limited. Bleah!

I'm planning to try a short run next weekend to see how it feels. Keep your fingers crossed for me...


It's Baseball Season, Baby!!!

Oh to be at Fenway Park this afternoon for the Sox home opener & the presentation of the WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS!!! Yeah, baby! After 86 years, it will be SO sweet to have the ring ceremony in front of those blasted Yankees! Woo-hoo!!!!

In other baseball news (not like there's really any other baseball news today except for the above-mentioned ceremony...), Mr. E & I saw Fever Pitch yesterday, and it's definitely a flick that will be added to our movie collection once it's released. Not that it's an oustandingly fabulous movie, but the scenes of Boston and the Red Sox and Fenway Park make it a necessary addition to any self-respecting Red Sox fan's collection. And yes, I admit, I was smiling so hard at times that I had tears in my eyes, especially seeing Foulke's light toss to make that last out against St. Louis in the 4th game of the Series... Whew! Felt like the same emotional roller-coaster all over again!

And finally, a nod to my new home-town boys, the Sacramento River Cats. Mr. E & I braved the chilly temps on Friday (mid-50s with wind chill of -10) and bundled ourselves into warm clothes and gloves/mittens to see the Cats take on the Portland Beavers (gotta love that team name...). A rather fast game that was led by the Cats until the top of the 9th when a Beaver hit a two-run homer just over the glove of the Cats center-fielder to tie the game. We settled in for a bit and were rewarded by a Cats win in the bottom of the 10th. Even with the extra inning, the game was over before 10pm. Ahh... the joys of minor league ball!

Yes, baseball season has returned. All hail the greatest sport on earth!!!